Racism is the noblest form of prejudice-

When a sower sows
He does not sow bad seed;
Instead, he sows the seed that grows
To be the stock in time of need

Suppose, he sows the fruits
That claim to heal and mend
These plants with deep roots
Equally the sower shall tend

Yet the fruits are more than what they seem
They are the fruits of wrath
Disguised in a delusional dream
Preceding a terrible aftermath

These, the sower sows
Yet knows not what it shall be bringing
Like a lamb brought to slaughter only knows
The end when it is already screaming.

That we practice.

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  1. Reminiscent of the American Occupation in our own History, no? But you’re right, racism may be the noblest form of prejudice but it’s one with the most dastardly of effects.

    Feeling kinda dark nowadays? :/

    • jian5

       /  May 28, 2009

      Hmm.. it does remind one of the Am Occupation period. The poem is about us who sow “things” without thinking about the consequences that may occur.

      Feeling dark? Dark-skinned I guess. Summer’s just begun for us all. Haha!

      • I thought you were getting all brooding and moody with this poem. Then I read the tags. :))

        Shortest summer but perhaps the most meaningful. Enjoy! ^_^

      • jian5

         /  May 28, 2009

        Haha. You too!


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