The Gift

The greatest gift,
Is a good night’s sleep,
Wake up to a hearty breakfast
And have it beside you

The greatest gift
Is a clean conscience
A hearty laugh
And a dash of melancholy

The greatest gift
That I have been given
Is to be loved
And to love in return



The shield of anonymity
Is where the arrows of hatred are flung
It is the bastion of cowards
And the repose of the meek.

You do not know us
And we do not know you
Both cannot be the judge
Of the other.

Yet to hide is the prudent choice
And to stay mute is the wisest course
For to do otherwise
Is to be slaughtered.

There are multitudes of bigots
And it takes but one
That one in a million
To undo everything that has been.

We hide like cowards
And take in your scorn
Yet we will continue
With this path.

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