On Healing

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorite books. I have read it countless times, yet I wish that a physician could have asked this question, and how the prophet could have spoken about this topic close to my heart. I dare to write as Kahlil Gibran.

Then a physician spoke: wise Almustafa, speak to us on healing.

Healing is the gentle touch that releases the body from Pain, yet is also the sharp strike that cuts deep into the soul. It is the well of tears that overflows to water the barren land, and it is the raging fire that cleanses the sallow pastures.

It the manifestation of Love in all of its nakedness: Love whose ways we cannot divine nor dream to ever comprehend. Just as the river carves into the mountains and valleys and fields does healing spread out and embrace all with its shapeless form. It is the torrential rain and the refreshing sunlight that falls upon the slave and the master, the tyrant and the free, the brave and the cowardly. It is the Love that which everyone possesses yet does not see.

You healers are but conduits from which the spark of Life passes through. Through you the people feel the touch of God’s hands and divine His wisdom. Your voice radiates His power, and your mind reflects His intimate thoughts. Through your hands you welcome the new delegates of Life’s procession, and through you they behold the gaze of Eternity.

When you heal one another remember that you too heal yourself. For the Pain of the other is your Pain too, and the loss of the other is your loss too. You break the bones you mend, and your heart is ripped asunder with the burdens they bear. Yet let your heart be gladdened with their fortitude, and let your soul be inspired with their peace.

Let healing not be measured by wasted triumphs nor useless endeavors. For no one can do battle with Pain and Death without losing. For as the two are your enemies so are they your final companions. Embrace them as you would your friends and your children, and know that they will too, join in your procession.

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