The Great Pagliacci

I went to a play by Pagliacci,
He was recommended by my doctor.
So I went to his play to truly see,
His proven cure with sharp wit and humor.

In came with flair The Great Pagliacci,
Rotund, vacuous, clown on a bike riding,
His appearance filled the crowd with glee,
As he regaled us with inane rambling.

“I sure would like to be Pagliacci,
Seems he never loses his wit and smile!”
Said the people beside and behind me.
I found my cure with his devilish wile.

I left with mem’ries of Pagliacci,
How funny the world through his sight may be!
He takes life with zest and security,
How happier can a person ev’r be?

One day I chanced passing by the theatre,
To my surprise there was no queue, no line,
No people demanding that they enter.
“Pagliacci is dead” was on a sign.

I mourn for him, The Great Pagliacci,
I wonder how the world without him will be.

I dedicate this to Mr. Robin Williams (1951-2014), a great man who made the world laugh, cry, and think.

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  1. I’ve read a quote about this last night. The one where Pagliacci went to see a doctor. Usually, celebrity deaths don’t phase me. But his hit right at home. I am unsure if I am mourning or relating.

    Also, I love this poem.

  2. Hey Mia! It’s actually a joke that goes like this:

    A man goes to see a doctor. Doctor asks what seems to be the trouble. The man says, “Doc, I’m depressed. Simply, I can’t sleep sometimes, I can’t eat, I feel down and irritable most days. I just can’t feel ‘happy.'”

    The Doctor says, “I’ve got the perfect fix for you. In town tonight is the great clown Pagliacci. He’s hysterically funny and will make you laugh til you cry. You will experience a joy unprecedented.”

    The man bursts into tears. The doctor, confused asks why. “Doc, I am Pagliacci.”

    Thank you for reading the poem! Robin Williams really inspired me with his movies, especially the ones where he plays a doctor. We all can relate to him, since we all have our demons and struggles that we fight. Sometimes we feel alone or insignificant, but we’re not. Everyone sends a ripple through the hearts of people who care about them, no matter how small or insignificant they think they are.

  3. I don’t know why, but his death really hit home with me. I’m just glad somebody else is grieving with me.


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