My Horse Named Ambition

I ride to battle everyday,
On my horse named Ambition,
Armed with my wits and my brain.
My armor has become shoddy,
My blade has become rusty,
My cloak is tattered-gritty.

I am hit from all sides by my foe
Fleeting as time,
Elusive as the wind
He outflanks,
He outmaneuvers,
He outlives.

I have seen his face.
His face is me.
And his horse is named Oblivion.
He is the ghost that haunts me,
The wolf that hunts me,
The one who taunts me.

I have fought you, my foe
For as long as I remember
Ever since we were born.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow till
I’ll ride my horse Ambition still.
On the battlefield of dreams.

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