Getting one’s hair cut
Is an enriching experience;
It teaches one to let go and move on,
When the barber starts cutting
The hair that took forever to grow;
The hair that is part of one’s life.
It takes one to a state of calm,
When all one hears is the sound
Of the shaver buzzing
And the scissors snipping;
The noise outside coming to a soft stillness
Inside the barber shop.
It reminds one of existence,
Of one’s humanity, one’s mortality
When the barber’s blade shaves the persistent stubbles
Near the thews and sinews of one’s neck,
Under which life runs its course
Like the ebbing and flowing tides of the sea.
It makes one humble
When one realizes during the moment
That no matter who one is,
A king, a prophet, a seer, a warrior, a poet
All shall pass,
Under the steady hands of the common man.
It binds one to the people of the world
When one sees the human form,
Perfectly imperfect, rough and mysterious,
As the barber takes away the hair-riddled cloth
After one’s haircut.

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  1. The Symbiote

     /  July 11, 2009

    Again, beautifully written, Jian.

  2. Your GAYEST

     /  July 18, 2009

    Parang hindi ko nakita ang difference. :))
    May kwento ko sa yo. I have a new stalker. Hahaha ❤

    • jian5

       /  July 18, 2009

      What difference? Haha. What difference does it make?


      Oohh, yieee!! Haha. Text me!

      • Your GAYEST

         /  July 20, 2009

        The difference… You’re less hot when you get your hair cut? Hahahahahahahahaha

        Ayoko nga. You text me, you gay you.

        • jian5

           /  July 20, 2009

          Ah. Hahaha. What is diminished shall come back. Hahahaha.

          • Your GAYEST

             /  July 21, 2009

            Tapos magpapagupit ka na naman. It’s a cycle of unHOTness. 😛

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