FreedomRubio was rejecting the ritual.

“I am a free man, Ina. My father was also a free man. There is no need for that.”

“You say you are a free man, but you are not.”

There was anger in the woman’s voice and also defeat.

“You do not have the will to change. Your master has given you your freedom, he has given you land and a house and animals and money. But what do you do? You throw them away, you go on being a servant- because the blood of the aripan has drowned the blood of the free man in you. With your land and your house and your animals and your money you could even be a landlord and my husband Ignacio Tattangan could work as your tenant. Rubio Lariola, you say you are free? No you are not, because you don’t want to be.”
Being free is not the same as being independent.
– Edilberto K. Tiempo, To Be Free, 1972

February 9, 2007, Luneta Park

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  1. YOUR Gayest

     /  June 16, 2009

    Aba, aba, una ata nagcocomment ngayon? Hehe Yung recent blogs mo suggest to me that you miss me and our witty conversations. Hahahaha Di ako feeler. I am a knower! A knower, I tell you! Ahem. Nasisira na naman ang aking ability for sensible commenting. Anyway, bakit may hidden line? Buti na lang malinaw mata ko. Haha

    “Being free is not the same as being independent.”
    (Pano ba mag-quote dito? I am a wordpress idiot. Haha)

    I guess that’s true. It makes one wonder when the Philippines will stop celebrating Independence Day in favor of celebrating Freedom Day. Haha Do you get it? We celebrate Independence Day as the day we gained ‘freedom’ (and I use this term rather loosely) from our ‘dayuhang mananakop’, but we aren’t free. Not really. They may not be overt invaders now, but they still dictate our way of life. Di ba? I know you agree with me. Actually, when you think of it, celebrating Independence Day is kind of moot kasi our government is still largely dependent on foreign aid or foreign backing or whatever foreign. So much so na minsan na-di-dictate na ang ibang facets of our life as a nation (naks, I can’t believe I’m discussing this on your blog, haha).

    I think poverty is our main oppressor. We are susceptible to everything foreign dahil nga mahirap tayo as a country (though I can’t count myself as mahirap and you can’t either). We discussed in one of our classes kung bakit parang hirap-hirap bumangon ang Pilipinas, with graft and corruption and the like out of the discussion. It’s because sa sobrang pagpipilit natin maging ‘industrialized’, we neglect our agriculture when the obvious fact is the Philippines is a largely agricultural country. Aside from education, I think a focus on agriculture will break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines. I can talk and talk about this pa, pero nakakahiya kasi ang haba na ng comment ko. Haha So maybe in person na lang. 😀

    • jian5

       /  June 18, 2009


      I applaud your sharing of views, gay one.


      Weh!!! Feeler! Hahahaha.

      And the next one…

      I posted this entry because I feel helpless about the situation in our country right now. It’s as if the things that we do to help don’t matter much in the long run. I once read that a ripple creates a large wave. Applying this adage to our shared views about the matter, I would say and I would like to believe that the Philippines will always have a hope for a better tomorrow as long as people never forget to fight for what’s right.

      Oh, and good job on finding the “hidden” thing. There’s a lot more, if you know where to look. *wink wink*

      • Your GAYEST

         /  June 19, 2009

        I am a KNOWER. Haha

        Ang weird pag binabasa ko ung mga reply mo na English. Naririnig ko kasi boses mo in my head. Wala lang. It’s so odd for you to speak to me in English. Haha

        Hidden stuffs here in this entry? Or in other entries? 😛

      • jian5

         /  June 20, 2009

        Hahaha, okok, I won’t argue.

        I guess you just miss me. Wahahahaha! I think you find it odd that I replied in straight English, that is, no conyo-ness.

        Keep looking around. You’ll see.

      • Lovely lovely me :)

         /  July 5, 2009

        Well, I don’t know where to look. Tell me?


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