Until Multiply 4.0

Multiply changed their interface layout. If you have an account, you’ll probably see a lot of people debating about this and that. Comments range from a demure “Grrr…” to a blatant “You suck!”

It’s entertaining and interesting to see how some of my friends have reacted to the change. Some of them would decry the outrage, the sacrilegious act by a team of people over a website dearly loved by a picture-posting, blog-writing masses. Some of my friends would praise the change, saying that it’s about time that Multiply changed itself. Well, I don’t use Multiply as my base site, I use WordPress (Yay WordPress!).

Kidding aside, the action of the Multiply web team is a big change for everyone. Given these two polar views, where do I stand? I admit that I initially didn’t like what had happened. Questions popped up such as:

Where did my Calendar run off to? How do I make this thing show only the posts of my friends? Oooohhh… Filter… Cool.

It’s even come to a point that even I think that what Multiply’s done sucks. But then I realized that I didn’t have a basis for why I was saying these things.

The debate among my friends has got me thinking of an old adage shared to me by my best friend:

A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they’re dead.

– Leo C. Rosten


My initial view has changed now that I  realize that I’ve become too comfortable using the old Multiply. Any change that pops out makes me resist it,  a conservative using a radical website. I can post text, sift through my friend’s pages, add photos with my eyes closed in the previous Multiply configuration. I can’t really do those, but you get the point.

So where’s my Calendar? It’s on my web page, where all the music, blog posts, etc. are. How do I make this thing show only my friends’ posts? There’s these little checkboxes below the “Recent Updates” text at the interface page that allows you to regulate what you want and what you don’t want to see. I still think the filters are cool.

I see now that the change is a radical move of a website towards progress. I guess that the team wanted to create a Multiply that would be more convenient for people to use. It is a little step, a tiny radical step, that has and will change more than the four corners of a web page. It has already changed us more than we can imagine.

Right now, people are asking. Later, they will adapt. Later on, they will have a revolution.

Change is an inevitable part of life. I’ve always thought I was computer-literate. I can right click and make new folders, I can find things in the internet using search engines, and I can use websites to my advantage. That is, until Multiply 4.0. I now feel like a baby learning to take a few steps, like a schoolboy learning the art of the right click on a ball mouse.

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  1. i think innovation is key.

    the old adage about how you can’t put old wine into new wine skins seems to fit well. it’s not like you’re changing the recipe or the flavor or the style of the wine. but you can’t take that new wine and put it in an old wineskin because the fermentation process will burst the wine skin. you have to put new wine into a new wineskin that hasn’t already been stretched out by that fermentation process.

    in the same way, multiply is very much the same fine wine that it was before, but it’s been put into a new wineskin that’ll have the flexibility that will hopefully allow the site to grow. in planning for their redesign, i’ve heard that the team had a lot of people come in who had never used multiply before. they had them sign up for accounts on 3.0 and watched them figure out where to go to do things, where they’d expect things to be, etc. so when i’ve complained about some things (like the removal of the “post” link at the top of every page) i heard back that new users seldom, if ever, thought to look at the top of the page for that link. in other words, i had been trained to look for it. they hadn’t. it wasn’t intuitive to them. (the staff compromised and put a post link on the list you get when you click the multiply logo. so i can still get to that post link from any page. yay!)

    i think online services have to be constantly innovating or they’ll go the way of compuserve and pets.com.

    • jian5

       /  June 12, 2009

      I agree with your view that online services need to improve their services every once in a while. The world will be a very boring place if things are always the same. Looking back, checking my Multiply account has become a routine. With the change that happened, things became… more interesting.

      I guess it all boils down to how you’ll look at the change- as a threat or as an opportunity.

  2. Wow… A non-poem entry! 😛

    Yeah, the calendar was the main reason why I use Multiply, followed by the View Detailed History function.

    Come to think of it, after 555 entries on Multiply, I HAVE gotten waaaaay too comfortable with their previous platform.

    Oh well, it’s time to try out something new again. Like Tumblr. ^_^

    Wee~! XDD

    • jian5

       /  June 12, 2009

      Haha, it’s been a while since I wrote in prose.

      I think this change will be for the better. Thanks for taking the time to read!

    • Some friends and I were just laughing last night about how we’re already so used to the 4.0 system that we’d probably cry if they were to switch back. I’ve gotten so used to filter hopping that now I wonder how many posts I missed before because they didn’t come through on the filter I was using in 3.0. I hopped a little in 3.0, but it’s so much easier to do it now.

      • jian5

         /  June 12, 2009

        Wow, you adapted THAT fast? Kudos to you and your friends!

        I think people will get used to the new Multiply in a week’s time.

      • (weird. there’s no reply link under your last reply.)

        many of my friends switched over in that first round, the last week of may. only a few switched this week. so we’ve had a bit more time to adjust.

        but i agree with the week estimate. i think once people use 4.0 and start getting used to things like the auto-fill, etc, they wouldn’t want to go back.

  3. YOUR Gayest

     /  June 16, 2009

    I remember our conversation while jogging when you asked me what I thought of the new Multiply. Haha Wala pa kong opinion noon kasi di ko pa nakikita at the time yung bagong Multiply but I knew that a new version was coming out. Anyway, I both like and don’t like the new version. I like it precisely because it’s new (alam mo naman ako, ever radikal haha), and I don’t like it because I get lost. Pero madali lang naman siya i-navigate. I haven’t tried making a new theme (tinanong mo yun sa ‘kin if you remember). I suppose that didn’t change, though.

    I find it weird na andaming violent reactions but I can’t say I didn’t expect it. Ganon naman talaga pag may bago. Di sila tumulad sa ‘kin na chill lang. Haha Instead na mag-reklamo, di na lang i-focus ang attention to learning the new system. I don’t think Multiply will make anything naman na hindi user friendly. Besides, people should really expect the site to keep changing. It is a business, and businesses that remain unchanging and that fail to adapt to change and its environment will ultimately fail (naks, may natutunan ako sa management haha).

    I think this is my most sensible comment yet (if any of my previous comments even made sense at all). I also think we are due for a round of good (ie.: not on crack, un-bangag, non-sungit :D) conversation. Naisip ko lang kasi your entry reads like one of our conversations. Let’s have lunch after training on Saturday? 🙂

    PS. Binasa ko yung comment ko bago ko i-post… I’m so Taglish! Hinahawaan mo na kooooooooo, you, conyo, you! Hahaha

    • jian5

       /  June 18, 2009

      Wow, you comment very sabaw right now ah? Haha. Am being conyo again. Kakainis you…

      Change is a part of life. We have this theory in nursing by Callista Roy called the Adaptation Model. As its name suggests, an individual either adapts or doesn’t. If the individual does, yay. If not, aww. You get it. LOL.

      Sure, let’s have a fun time after training. See you Sat!

      • Your GAYEST

         /  June 19, 2009

        Hindi kaya sabaw yan. Ganda ganda ng comment ko tapos sasabihin mo lang na sabaw. Ikaw sabaw. Haha

        Hmm… baka yayain na lang kita mag-dinner on Saturday? Birthday ni Gege. 🙂

      • jian5

         /  June 20, 2009

        Haha, sinabaw ako sa comment mo. Ang lalim kasi.

        Sure, party tayo! Hahaha!

      • Lovely lovely me :)

         /  July 5, 2009

        Malalim ba? Birthday naman ni Hiro.


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