If there’s one thing I’d want to do,
It’s that I want to stay with you.
Yes, you, my love so true,
Lovelier than the ocean blue.

I’ll take you to the sea,
Where we’ll look up and see,
The stars that call out to plea,
That you stay here with me.

We’ll be together in the night,
Silent until the dawn of light,
Speaking as lovers might,
In this heaven away from sight.

I wish that you were here,
My dream is that you’re near,
All I can do is to hope, I fear,
That my prayer you hear.

I wish that I could fish,
Hear my fishing rod’s swish,
Fish a fish so big that my wish,
Would later be a tasty dish.

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  1. BF

     /  October 5, 2008

    what’s up with this? you’re not telling.
    i had a dream about this.
    so medyo na-shock ako when i read it in your blog.
    woohoo. i’m psychic.

  2. BF

     /  October 5, 2008

    btw, don’t be dense.
    i dunno if you can see my email, but you should know who BF is!

  3. Seems so long ago! :)) I clicked ‘Random’ and it brought me here. La lang. 🙂

    I remember this dream, I was talking about. You were driving a convertible car with a girl sa passenger seat. There was a tunnel that you passed through or something. I don’t remember the girl though or any other part nung dream. 🙂


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