In the LRT, yellow line, 11:37 AM:

MAN 1: “Woah, patay na pala si Daboy?”

GIRL 1: “Oo nga e.”

MAN 2: “Alam ko kung sino’ng sunod!”

GIRL 2: “Weh. Sino nga?”

MAN 2: “Si Dagirl!”

EAVESDROPPER, to himself: “Sino yun?”

ALL: “Haha!”

MAN 1: “Sabi daw nila, sunod na yung Dabarkads! Tito, Vic, at Joey!”

MAN 2: “Tapos nun, si… Dagul!”


Besides learning an amusing albeit morbid anecdote, people seem to take death lightly these days. Perhaps a by-product of an optimistic Filipino culture, we have been laughing in the face of death for hundreds of years. I bumped into a stretcher bearing a sick woman. Although it was my fault, she smiled at me with a sweet smile that told me that life is beautiful. As she passed by, I felt helpless and wished that I could do something. If I become a nurse, perhaps I can.

I’ve asked myself if I’d lose my humanity if I were to become one of the millions working in the health sector today that stares in the face of death everyday. The health staff I see working at the PGH today are quite interesting, yet gravely serious people that in a way, intimidate the freshie asking for directions as to where the exit is in that epic medical center. Would I lose compassion if I were to be one of the people whose line of duty has death on its job specification?

Nursing is a profession many people overlook today. I used to shy away last year, when my friends and I discussed our college careers. Some of my friends are going into engineering, business, and law, and I, the nurse. (Male nurses rock!) But people don’t realize how important nurses are in our society today. Even with the most sophisticated medical equipment and expertise, without nurses, there would be no one to administer dosages of medicine, there would be no one to tend to the sick, there would be no one to give that abstract yet important ingredient to the recovery of the afflicted: TLC.

P.S. To my batchmates, I hope we can graduate in four years. If not, then we’ll just laugh like we’ve been laughing at death for hundreds of years.

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  1. jian, mas emo ka pa yata kay louis eh. hahaha. XD

    but i like this one. pasado ka na sa nstp. 😉

    i hope YOU can graduate in four years!


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