Procrastination (And Why I Do It)

Why do I procrastinate, my teachers say,
I would’ve done a lot had I made the most each day?
I say to all that find fault with my art,
Listen, before your condemnations start.

Procrastination is a skill,
Requiring great feats of indomitable will.
It is not the lazy act as you see,
Rather, it is a gift given by the gods to me.

For beneath these sluggish shows,
Lies a world no one but I knows.
It is a world of inspiring, colorful scenes,
It is more to the eye than it seems.

For I am a dreamer, who is not caged by this world.
I am free, unlike you, tied to these bonds and hurled
Into the deep chasms of reality.
I am a believer of fantasy.

Such is the power that I hold
Living unordinarily bold
Amongst those who have given up the fight
Of this art that inspires the light.

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  1. ay. tama ka dyan! 😉

  2. jian5

     /  October 4, 2009

    That’s why it’s called PROcrastination!


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