If I Quit

If I quit:

– I’ll have more free time;
– I can hang out more with my friends;
– I can read all the books I want;
– I can go places;
– I can relax for eternity;
– I can play guitar all day long;
– I can sleep until noon;
– I can eat all the food I want;
– I can be carefree in my studies;
– I can watch all the movies I want;
– I’ll enjoy life


– I’ll live an unfulfilling life;
– I won’t be able to go abroad;
– I’ll be a burden to my family;
– I won’t see my grandchildren;
– My mind won’t be as sharp;
– I’ll be broke;
– I’ll become dumb;
– I won’t be able to live with myself;
– I’ll regret that decision for the rest of my life;
– Those so-called “friends” will leave me when the times are tough;
– I won’t be able to land myself a decent job;
– I won’t be able to invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange;
– I’ll watch families from afar during Christmas and curse the life I have;
– I’ll risk the future of my family;
– I’ll be a hippie living in the mountains, doing hippie things, talking like a hippie;
– I won’t get justice if I’m wronged;
– I’ll get into fights, do drugs, kill an occasional guy or two;
– I’ll become an example to others, which is good(?);
– I’ll be burnt under the heat of the sun knocking at car windows begging for money;
– I’ll be forced to sell my stuff;
– I might even be forced to sell my honor and dignity;
– Dogs will have a better life than I;
– I won’t be able to write entries in this blog;
– I’ll just waste the gifts God gave me;
– People will laugh at me;
– Children will be told to stay away from me;
– I’ll serve time in jail for my offenses;
– I’ll be in maximum security for the rest of my life;
– I’ll make my mother and father very sad;
– I’ll end up in a body bag;
– I’ll have very bad breath;
– I’ll wake up on top of a billboard;
– I’ll have a “failure to launch” predicament;
– My parents will grow tired of supporting me;
– I won’t be able to tell witty jokes anymore;
– I’ll be a big baby;
– I’ll pass out in the middle of busy intersections;
– I’ll see and envy my classmates’ families and lives;
– I won’t have anything to be proud of;
– I’ll be a disgrace to my family’s name;
– I won’t be as lucky as Bill Gates;
– I won’t have any true friends;
– I’ll be a slave to someone who graduated from college;
– I won’t be able to buy my own car, my own house, my own clothes, my own TV, my own bed, my own shoes;
– Society will have a bias against me;
– I’ll be illegible for insurance;
– I’ll have a lot of nights in the cold;
– I won’t become a doctor;
– I’ll eat grass for breakfast;
– I’ll work as a carrier in Tondo;
– I won’t be able to help others since I won’t be a doctor;
– I’ll waste the thirteen years of life that I’ve been studying;
– I’ll be kicked by thugs;
– When it rains, I risk catching pneumonia;
– I’ll be high, and maybe rape a guy by mistake;
– I won’t be able to buy the books I want to read;
– I’ll get splashed with mud from passing cars;
– I’ll be a runner for a gang selling marijuana and heroin;
– I’ll be unproductive;
– I won’t be able to take a bath when I’m dirty;
– I’ll risk killing myself with a lightning rod;
– Nobody will pick me up from my fall;
– I’ll have a 99.9% chance to pass away;
– Nobody will ever believe me;
– I’ll have to let go of my dreams;
– I’ll lose the love of my life, whoever she is;
– I’ll be struck by a pillbox;
– I’ll live in a shack;
– I’ll be single for life;
– I’ll lose the people I love;
– I’ll scream my lungs out and get nowhere at all;
– I won’t have that dream of a beautiful home, a decent job, and a loving family;
– I’ll have to scrape the ground and hope that I can plant some seeds there;
– I’ll have to scavenge from trash cans to live;
– I won’t be able to buy my favorite value meal from Jollibee;
– I’ll join a cult with a crazy name, e.g.: “Ang Tading Taan”, etc.;
– I won’t be able to eat warm, home-cooked food;
– If I do become a father, my children won’t have a future;
– I’ll become weak;
– I’ll disappoint myself;
– I’ll have to relieve myself in the worst imaginable places;
– I’ll be the greatest Darwin Award winner in the whole universe, yay!;
– I won’t be able to reverse that decision;
– I’ll join protests because some powerful rich dude paid me to;
– I’ll be a loner;
– I’ll resort to petty theft, which will eventually be armed robbery;
– I won’t be able to play online games for long;
– Rats will become my family;
– I’ll try my luck with kidnap for ransom;
– Maybe I’ll con people with their money;
– I’ll get medical aid from a person who isn’t even a med graduate;
– My body will be donated to a lab, where people will desecrate my body in the name of science, which is again, good, right(?);
– I’ll have to run away from home;
– I won’t have a home;
– I’ll be a drunkard;
– I’ll get STD’s and die young, cold and alone;
– I’ll be a nuisance to society;
– I’ll have nothing to feed my children;
– The economy will fall because of a psycho like me in the streets;
– I’ll be famous as the guy who tried to rob the President of the Phillippines, and got shot 44 times with an M-16 Assault Rifle;
– I won’t be able to eat good food;
– I’ll be tricked and bamboozled by loan sharks and tricksters;
– The government will have to relocate me to a mental asylum;
– I won’t be able to play the piano and guitar after some time;
– I’ll have a lot of sleepless nights;
– I’ll lose the convenience of modern plumbing;
– I’ll get bored with doing nothing;
– My body will atrophy with the constant relaxation;
– If I’m “lucky” to live old, nobody will take care of me;
– Free time? Initially, yes. But it’s an eternity to pay for;
– Why?

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  1. you do know that nowadays you can be successful even without an education right? education is no longer a requirement. pero siyempre magkakaron ka ng isang malaking frustration at regret sa buhay. but you won’t ever be alone. i’ll be there the whole time. minsan tahimik lang, minsan babatukan kita. ganon talaga. what are friends for right?


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