MUNA Conference, Day 2

North Korean Nuclear Tests, Disregardment of Foreign Debt for Poverty-stricken Nations, the Fight against Terrorism, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Disarmament Procedures for Nuclear Weapons, Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO’s), Water Redistribution, Securing the Rights of Cultural Minorities, Anti-discrimination Measures, Protection of Human Rights, Religious Tolerance, Waste Management, Education for the Masses, Trade Embargo, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Nuclear Arms Race…

These are some issues facing our world today. We have a lot of problems, yet complicated as they may seem, we have one simple solution: Unity, on the basis of being one people living in one world. Let’s face it: no matter how much we try, only through our combined efforts can we achieve the ideal world of which we seek. This means working together, and I’m not only speaking to the leaders of the world, I’m speaking to every person who believes that change begins with the self and seeks to improve him/herself for the progress of this world.

MUNA, Day 2 was the most stressful yet the most productive part of this conference. Today, the GA or General Assembly was assembled to discuss resolutions to solve the problems of today. Ever seen movies depicting aliens threatening to invade the earth and in a sudden cut scene, we see the UN panicking? Yes, it was something like that, minus the threat of world destruction of course. The big problem we faced was finding the “Golden Mean” solution to the problems of the world despite the many differences we have. It was really hard to come to a consensus when we all had different national interests and priorities. In fact, out of 8 resolutions we debated on for 8 hours straight, only 3 passed.

Setting aside all the politics and bureaucracy, I realized that this world is badly in need of great leaders. And these leaders will come from us, this generation. This world isn’t for the adults to burn and pillage, this world is for us to live and grow in in the ways of peace. This world is for our children and for the many generations of mankind to come. We shall be better than the present and those who have come before us!

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