MUNA Conference, Day 1

As we were going to the WHO Building on the UN Avenue at Manila, I couldn’t help but think of the experiences I would undergo. As I reflect on my expectations then, I realized that they exceeded far more than what I had ever expected. There I was, before an assembly of nations to discuss the matters on the international level.

This was the world I was born into today.

The MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) Conference is held once every year in different countries around the world. This year, it was held at the WHO Headquarters here in Manila. This conference is basically just a simulation of the actual United Nations proceedings, we did everything the UN way.

Being a first-timer, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated at first. International schools were there, even delegates from Singapore came here to participate. For the first time in my life, I was among peoples of many walks of life: Indian nationals, Singaporeans, Americans, Chinese, British, among many others. I admit that I had a hard time understanding these people, but it was worth it when I look back. Intermingling with these people have taught me the beauty of variety of the peoples of the world. Now the world has become more beautiful in my eyes. I say so because I have seen the flaws of humanity, that emphasize our redeeming qualities and the differences that make us unique. It may sound boring, but believe me, politicking is fun. It’s a blend of everything your are: your mind, your wit and your stamina. It’s a test of who you are and how far you’re willing to fight for what you know is right- a chance to change the world.

But MUNA wasn’t all about politicking. I remember having a fiery debate with other delegates where tensions rose among us. However, when we came out of the room, it was as if nothing happened. Here we were, representing different peoples, fighting for our different causes, only to be united as friends. No wonder why this was called the Model United Nations Assembly: for the world to “model”, or emulate. If only the world were like this, like this little world I was born into today, then maybe it would’ve been a better place to live life.”

With this the delegate from Nigeria closes his speech. Thank you honorable chair and fellow delegates.

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