Frankenstein Part 1

I am Old Doctor Frankenstein,
And a vile monster I have made.
Fashioned from parts of corpses thine,
Fresh right from the gravediggers bade.

Now let me see, where shall I start?
At the head, or by the middle?
Should it be heartless or with heart?
Oh, life, it is such a riddle!

A chopped head from a man behead,
Shall ev’r crown my prince of glory!
These guts from a man who bled red,
Will be useful, though be gory.

A hazel eye from an Eastern man,
Then these arms from a vagrant past
And limbs from this fiesty Roman,
Shall my abomination last!

The time is now! O tempest come!
Send from heaven thy divine spark,
Bring life to these remains made numb!
That man may triumph over dark!

It breathes! It lives! It is alive!
My dear monster has come to life!
Breath of life, soul divine, arrive!
Fin’lly break through expiry rife!

And so the monster, that damn’d beast,
Was given the fire that is man’s.
To you maybe, he is the least,
So did others who chanced a glance.

So the fate was of that horror,
Who was kicked, and beaten and harmed,
By those who judged with terror,
The quick of tongue and rod alarmed.

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