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After we’ve passed all the exams, done all the paperwork, after all those hectic days and sleepless nights slaving away to catch up with schoolwork… What comes next?

Graduation’s just around the corner. Next year shall be my last as a high school student. The year after that, we shall all part ways and walk our individual paths. I’m afraid, but knowing that there are people who still believe in me makes me strong… When one stands at this “fork in the road”, all the petty problems seem to fade away. I’m looking over a hill, gazing at the horizon, of what is to come, of what is to happen next… I’ve forgotten about the latest exams, I’ve forgotten about my trivial dreams, I’ve forgotten about myself. Now I see something far greater, a star brighter than the rest, a flame burning strong. It’s the future, and what I’ll make of it.

People face a lot of dilemnas at some point in their lives. A child would worry about the next dentist appointment and where his mother was. An adolescent would worry, well, about many things. And as of now, I’m right here, at the dreaded “in between” point of my life. I’m between love and work, between passion and logic, between fantasy and reality. I try to juggle as best as I can schoolwork, churchwork, family time, social time, and of course, my personal time. To tell you the truth, being “in between” is really, really fun. Sure, I’m stressed out and I’m down with a fever, but I wouldn’t want life any other way. I love the hectic schedules that make me run from one place to another. I love the feeling of being busy all the time, it makes sure that this mind’s clickin’, this heart’s tickin’. I love the heavy loads, for they teach me how to think and act and fight and love and live!

But time shall be quick. Graduation is, as above, around the corner. And so another problem arises for me: the path to take for the future, A.K.A. choosing a career.

Up to now, I really don’t know what career I’ll take in the future. Let me tell you some of the careers I’ve wanted through the years…

When I was a child, I wanted to be a garbage collector. Yup. I was so fascinated then of how they “defied” gravity when they took the trash. But no, it wouldn’t be for me. Then I wanted to be a fireman, a patrolman, a soldier, a scientist… But those were childhood dreams, products of my profound imagination that I dismissed as time passed. As I grew up, I wanted to be a statesman and lawyer, like my father. But I soon found out that politics wasn’t really for me, so I guess I’ll be a physician then, “to help everyone!” I remember saying. Then I felt a call to serve Him as a priest. I seriously considered being one, but my uncertainty at this time prevents me from making any conclusions. Then I thought, “Why don’t I look into myself and find out what I really want to be?” So I looked into myself, and I discovered that I loved everything, from culinary arts to culture and travel to industrial arts and military strategy to performing arts to music and literature and to the sciences, everything, anything! In short, I’m back at square one, where I began…

So I turned to my parents who advised me to take my time and be patient. I had a long talk with them afterwards… about the future. My parents and I have gotten closer lately after I decided to spill the beans and tell them all that worried me. It was a risk, or so I thought. They lent me their ears and listened to all that I had to say. Then they gave their “golden” advice. All that I’ve learned throughout these years do not match their wisdom. “The strength of the old is their counsel”, an old saying goes. “Papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na kami.” my Mother would always say. And they’re right.

So here I am, now one step ahead square one. Onwards!

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  1. nice… ako rin garbage collector rin nung bata…

  2. jian5

     /  November 9, 2009

    hahahah! hindi ko ito nareply-an for three years! I hope you’re doing great now, Ed!


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