The country is at it again.

No, it’s always been. Or has it?

I wonder… Were our leaders always like this, “corrupt” and “power-hungry”? Or were they once like you and I, who desire good for the country? Did they always rob money from the treasury, or were they once honest, nationalistic men and women? I believe that one cannot really judge without commiting error. We cannot blame our problems on those who wield power, for we too, are subject to the test of life.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” And the hard reality is, power corrupts, even the most idealistic, most passionate people. This is, my greatest weakness then, my idealism… I always hope for a better world, and I never stopped believing, even today. I even use my talents to propel this dream of a better world, are they in vain? To illustrate my point, it would be likened to a lone man waving a banner, bearing his insignia, charging towards an entire army. Fearless or foolish? I feel the same way too. I really want to make the world a better place… But with all these that surround me, would it be possible?

Please don’t get me wrong. If you look into my eyes, you’ll still see that fiery hope. I’m merely trying to face the cold reality of life… That it’s not fair all the time. To then end of the age, there will always be rich and poor, there will always be black and white, there will always be male and female, and to resist this would be futile. So where does the road lead us now?

There have been a lot of books I read and movies I watched where the background of the story is set in an autocratic regime. And I read/watched on as they slowly fell into pieces, crumbling to dust the great cities and its people. Nothing really ever lasts, does it? Even Rome was burnt and sacked to the ground and one day, ended [476 AD], even the era of the “Emperors of 10,000 years” of China came to a halt one day, and Spain, once the most powerful nation, lost its supremacy, even the Titanic sunk even when people thought that the ship was “unsinkable”. We were wrong…

I wonder if I’ll fall prey to the earthly pleasures. I’m not ruling out the possibility that I could be the next criminal, the next corrupt government official, the next murderer, the next tyrant. Will I lose what I have right now that I hold dear when the appointed time comes? Will I be like those old politicians, who have lost their sense of service and integrity? I wonder how I’ll fare against temptation… We shall see.

“Beatus vir qui, suffert tentationem, quoniam cum, probatus fuerit accepeit coronam vitae”, “Blessed are they who endure temptation, for after they have been tried, shall receive the crown of life” -James 1:12

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