Pandora’s Box

How far can dreams take someone?

I wonder how far dreams can take a person. Can it take him to the moon? It definitely can. Can it take him to the top of the world? Sure, why not? But can dreams take one beyond what has already been? I’ve always believed in the power of dreams. Einstein even said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge”.

I remember a story I read long ago in a dusty old book. It was the story of Pandora’s Box. It goes like this: Pandora was the first mortal woman created by Zeus following Prometheus’ trickery. Prometheus was the Titan who stole the gift of fire from the gods and in turn, gave it to man. Zeus sent Pandora to the earth, carrying with her a box [or a jar in some accounts] which contained all the evils to infect the world: famine, plague, and bloodshed. As a result, mortal man suffered from all these, yet he survived…


Hope alone remained to assuage the lot of mankind.

Look at where the gift of fire took us: to the 21st Century! We have used fire to govern, to build… to destroy, to murder. Everything has its consequence. And true enough, with fire, famine, plague and bloodshed followed. Yet hope remains… The mother of dreams, the muse of poets, the zeal of life! Hope brings such promise to the dying heart.

Lately, I’ve been given a chance to think and reflect once again on life. And the question that bothers me the most is our purpose for living in this life. What are we really here for? Some of you will answer different answers. All of them are neither right nor wrong. We all have different dreams to live for. Lately, someone passed away in our batch, and I began to think once again: what’s worth fighting for, dying for in this life? What could be worth more than a thousand dreams come true?

And I began to loathe life, for it had lost its meaning for me. Suddenly, food lost its taste, beauty had lost its splendor, color, its hues. Nothing here on earth was worth the time and strength, for all shall pass one day. All beauty, all wars, all pain has been created by man to supersede the other…

Sadness shrouded my dreams. I used to see the stars and hope, but no longer do I see them now. They have been lost in the darkness of that seemingly perpetual night. I fel so sad. All was in vain, nothing was worth anything at all!

But just as death gives unto life, so shall night give unto day, and I was once again reminded of the story of Pandora’s Box. I’m writing this to preserve this moment in time, when hope once again filled an empty heart.

“And hope alone remained to assuage the lot of mankind…”

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