At the pearly gates of Heaven, 4 men were waiting to be admitted by St. Peter.

The first man was an engineer, the second was a doctor, the third, a lawyer and the last was a poor teacher.

St. Peter first asked the engineer: “Why should I let you in?” To which he replied: “I built roads to shorten the distances of one from his family; I built bridges to connect people; I built houses for the poor; I tore down walls that divide; And I have done it all for Him. St Peter allowed him to enter.

He asked the same question to the doctor, to which he replied: “I relieved the afflicted of their ailments; I cared for the sick; I tended to the wounds of the hurt; I offered hope to the dying; And I have done it all for Him.” St. Peter gave him permission to enter.

Again, he asked the lawyer the same question, “Why should I let you in?”, to which he replied: “I defended the oppressed; I bought justice to the abused; I freed the innocent; And I have done it all for Him.” St. Peter, like the two before him, consented to the lawyer’s entrance.

St. Peter then asked the poor teacher, “And why sir, should I let you in?” To which he replied: “I have not built a single building nor have I discovered the panacea for all maladies nor have I defended anyone in court… But I have made engineers, lawyers and doctors out of men, for them to change the world.” At this, St. Peter was immediately convinced to let the poor teacher in.

“A small ripple makes a great wave.” Reflecting on this thought, I’ve wondered how many lives I’ve change, how many people I’ve hurt, how many things I’ve left undone, how many I’ve accomplished. The list goes to eternity. While I may have something to do with the people I know and love, how about those who I have no knowledge of their existence? And how about those who know them, and those who dont? The list goes on. How one becomes through time is the work of many hands and minds. And I find the thought of how we’ll all turn out someday fascinating. Anything can happen, right?

The teacher’s exactly that ripple that creates waves out of us. And I don’t mean the school teachers, mind you. I meant the teachers of the world, the guides of mankind. My first teacher was my mother, who taught me how to read and how to write, and look where I’m standing; I’m moving onward to tomorrow, thanks to what she’s done for me. My friends, you have taught me how to love, how to care, how to be a friend. Reader, you have helped me too, for without you writing would be but a chase after the wind. You’ve all taught me, and everyday I’m getting wiser… and wiser. And for that I thank you all.

“Let eternity decide the influence of a teacher.” I’ve one good example of that. He was a Teacher, called a Rabbi in His time. He taught in synagogues, over mountains, under trees, on pastures and on streets. And He had as won as much friends as He had enemies, well, who can please everyone right? And in the end, He died on a cross, but not in vain, for the Teacher taught the world how to love again. If only He saw how much He’s done for all of us, how much change He has made…

It really doesn’t take much to be a teacher; anyone can teach, but not everyone can. Anyone can teach anyone how to love, but not everyone can teach anyone how to love truly. Anyone can teach me how to read, but not everyone can teach me the love of reading. Anyone can teach me how to fight, but not everyone can teach me how to forgive. It’s not really just something to be taken for granted, for teaching is a way of life, as to a poet who cannot live without love. Ah love, my muse.

“The smallest of things we take for granted.” Yes, Ms Annie, we do. A clock doesn’t work without gears; you can’t make a million without one peso; you can’t have peace without a little argument here and there. It all falls into order, how peace gives way to war; how days gives in to night. Come to think of it, everything has order, everything just falls into place, like a giant cosmic jigsaw puzzle. But not a teacher’s mark. Have you ever seen two ripples bump into each other? Have you ever seen how a ripple hits land? Have you ever seen how ripples make random and unpredictable movements over the water? Such is a teacher’s mark. It changes, it grows. It doesn’t end like life and death; it goes on into forever. And all these shall too, change.

“The salt of the earth; the light of the world…” Everyone’s a teacher.

-To Wisdom, from her Lover.

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