School Year 2006-2007 is about to begin. But why do I still feel jittery, considering the fact that I’ve survived school long enough to be called a veteran of this trade? I’m excited to see all my friends again, to share what we have learned through this summer. Come to think of it, I miss those guys, even though we still make contact via YM. I miss my teachers, I miss the classrooms, heck, I even miss those bullies! And now, as the days quickly pass by, I say goodbye to the fun-filled summer days and say hello to yet another chapter in my life: Third Year High School.

How quick time passes… I can still remember when I first entered that giant structure of our educational system, the proud building where children enter and come out as promising young citizens, ready to face the world. When I first entered my school, I subconsiously made a promise, to myself, to my parents, to Him, that I’d do my best no matter what. I didn’t… at times. I was like any mischievous boy, with a curiousity that brought trouble. My elementary years were filled with such happy times of childish mischief and dreams. My parents always told me that I was special and unique and that I had a promising future ahead of me…

I never stopped dreaming. Not once did I fail to dream about the future, the promises in store, the challenges to confront. And as I look back and reminisce those sentiments from the past, I can see how much has changed. Those friends, those mentors, those times, even I have changed. Ironic is it not, that change is the only permanent notion, the only permanent thing? And it is. Change is all around us.

Some people ask me how I managed to achieve all that I’ve done. This is my answer: Fight! Go on, even though it hurts, never stop believing, never stop smiling, never say never. Because if words that deter one from achieving and accomplishing one’s mission come to mind, it’s when we lose faith, when we abandon hope, when we cease to love. Never stop believing, dreaming, hoping, loving, caring… Quite optimistic of me huh? I tell you, there have been many times I thought about giving up, about quitting, about ending it all. And many times I’ve lost this fire in me, many times I wanted to die and get this over with, but I never stopped believing. Believing in what? That He has great plans in store for me. So look now, I’ve won as much battles as I’ve lost.

After all these years, I’ve found my long-lost envelope containing palanca letters, certificates, class photographs, program booklets, mementos and memorabilias of all sorts. There’s a picture of my first communion, the picture of my first class… There’s Mrs. Ligaya, my Grade 1 Adviser, who, seven years ago before that time, taught my brother… She never finished the schoolyear though, because she had to leave for health reasons, and with a tearful goodbye, bade us farewell, I didn’t it would be the last time I would see her up and about… She passed away the next schoolyear. Then there’s Kreeno, Andre and Miggy in the yearbook. My busmates and fellow batchmates, we were like many young boys out there, mischievous, daring and living on the edge. When we grew up, we talked about our hopes and dreams, as well as girls and video games. And there’s my first medal, when we won the intrams for volleyball, was it Grade 2 or 3? Then there’s a rubber band holding together my palanca letters, and I remember when I was Grade 5, when I “accidentally” [really!] hit my Science teacher with a piece of paper, using a rubber band as a slingshot… The day of infamy, I got off with a stern warning, but at least I wasn’t suspended… Ah the palanca letters, I see how much I am loved… And there’s the graduation booklet… Ah graduation, when we reap what we sow. Most memorable events in my life. Funny, serious, happy, sad, excited, nervous… Many things have happened since then…

Wow… Such a lot has happened in the sixteen years I’ve spent on this planet. It would take years to write a book, so I’ll just write my life on this blank piece of paper, entitled, “Life”.

This is my wallpaper for now. It has a smiley and a quote that reads: “Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.” Hakuna matata! See you all soon!

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  1. There aren’t any bullies in 2g! haha :).. See you in Third Year, Jian.

  2. First day, you’re Reflection 😀

  3. hello! lam ko namang miss mo na ko eh!


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