When I was young, which was really not so distant ago, I used to dream about having superpowers to defend those whom I love. Super strength to fight those who oppress the weak and abuse the innocent. Invulnerability to make me immune to the pain and to make me impenetrable against attack. God-like speed to reach the battlefield in record time, as well as saving time on the way. The ability to fly, to reach even the most hostile of places. And other out of this world attributes, such as laser vision to polymorphing.

Of course, I never had any of those superpowers. I’m only human, and the many things I have done have taken their toll on me. I’m not super-strong, I’m not invulnerable to pain; I’ve been hurt and I’ve been sad. I don’t have super speed nor the ability to fly nor anything extraordinary that defies nature.

Superheroes. Comic book characters produced out of man’s creative power. I’ve always believed in superheroes, but not those flashy types. The heroes I’ve seen are far greater than those muscular dudes with secret identities. The heroes I’ve seen are not really those good-looking people, nor those famous icons- I’ve seen those far greater than they are, or can ever be. As Kuya Jonas from GK puts it into words: “There will come a time when there shall come heroes, not those shot in Luneta, but those who serve their fellowmen.”

The heroes I’ve seen haven’t really defied nature, nor busted gangs of criminals nor saved the world from a giant asteroid. The heroes I’ve seen are the people who chose to give instead of receive, to love others more than they love themselves. Great men and women worthy to be admired. But for me, the world’s a superficial lot. People don’t see how a small deed makes a huge difference, as a small ripple makes a great wave. Doesn’t one have super strength when one bears the weight of the cross? Isn’t one invulnerable when one does not complain about the small things [but instead looks at the big picture to understand] and doesn’t mind the hurts along the way of the cross? Doesn’t one have super speed when one is quick to help out, slow to judge, and fast to love? Doesn’t one have the ability to fly when one rises above the superficialilties of our time?

I’ve always believed in heroes. I’ve always seen myself as a man with something special inside. I see a man, stronger and better than I am, trying to break free, a hero inside, chained, breaking loose. I’m not strong, I’m your average, ordinary guy. My mother says I’m good-looking, others would say “Yeah right!” but I don’t give a damn. I’m not invincible, I’ve been wounded in all aspects, and I’m still breathing. I get hungry, I get tired and stressed out, I get lonely and sometimes lost in my own thoughts.

All I’m saying is that I have my limitations, that I’m not Superman, that I can never be that Superman. But I’ve always believed that I’m meant for greater things, that He has great plans laid out for me. With this promise engraved in my heart, I go on, even though I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m hungry and sad. Even though our being human is manifested through these limitaitions, what keeps us going, what keeps us full, what keeps us happy, what keeps us satisfied? You know the answer.

While having superpowers does make life easier, as well as adding an extra pop to every step, if I would be given a chance to have one or any at all, I’d respectfully decline. Who needs superpowers to help? You can in your own way. No need for human praises, no need for human recognition, because in His eyes we are great.

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