Picture a scene.

Now go back to reality.

We all have different thoughts, and I’m sure that all who have read the words “picture a scene” thought differently, distinctly, subjectively. I’m a rational being. I can find order in chaos by simply reducing them into simple concepts and tackling them one by one. I can logically solve a problem using step-by-step procedures, or by using theories as references. I can walk, talk and run, at the same time I can think and introspect. I’m a rational human being. But that doesn’t mean I’m ordinary now, does it? Because when thoughts come to this thing we call ” the mind”, I can’t help but be perplexed at how capable each one can be at formulating the most creative, if not, ingenuous ideas others can’t think of.

The mind. Is this that gray matter found in our cranial cavity, or is it something more? Can this be defined by spatial values? By human reason? Is this matter we see everyday or but a concept created by man’s creative power? Many have tried to define the mind for what it is, giving it a limit, giving it a border, trying to explain in vain what man cannot fathom. Dualists claim that the mind and body are distinct from each other and that they influence each other in some ways. Monists claim that the mind and body are one in a neutral material, claiming that all is but physical, and that thought is a by-product of matter. And some dismiss this all as a chase after the wind, as I do.

I’m really, really fascinated at how the chunk in our heads work. How can this thing, made up of neurons, biological electrochemicals, and the like, produce such a variety of thoughts and conscious actions? Some of us limit ourselves and accept that we have limitations, but how come we can surpass these restrictions, as evidenced by our capacity to think? Setting limits on our abilities does nothing, it only wastes the gift given us by Him. So this is what I believe in: the mind has no limit. As you can never have too much friends, you can never think too much, really, you can never do.

Thoughts. Where do they come from? They just pop out in my mind like mushrooms on the aftermath of a stormy night. They give rise to other thoughts, and so on, and on. This thought gave rise to writing a thought about thought. And from this I can find other connections to other thoughts. Where do they come from, these thoughts? From experiences, from our inherent understanding, from beliefs, from cognitive knowledge, come to think of it, everywhere.

Since we all came from different backgrounds and have been through unlike circumstances, you, reader, and I are not alike. We have our own idiosyncratic minds that think in different ways, we are not the same. But even though the mind has no limit, we are but human, and we cannot comprehend everything, we can’t experience everything, we cannot know everything. Yeah, I know, being human bites, but having the chance to live and think and love is better than having none at all.

Life is one big puzzle, waiting to be solved. We are faced with baffling mysteries, with enigmas obscure to some… but clear as day to others. Everyone has a thought for everything; but not everyone has an answer to everything. Therefore, we may have our own opinions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right. But that doesn’t also mean that this problem be condemned like heresy or forgotten as a footnote in history, for what one lacks, others have. I seek the answer to things I do not know; I sought myself for an answer, but ironically, the answer was in others after all. Everyone carries a piece of life’s puzzle. I have a piece, you have a piece, we all have a piece in hand. Share yours that I may learn.

Shhh, we’re thinking here.

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