Necessity is the mother of invention. In today’s world, one stands among all: the handheld phone.

The cellphone has now become a necessity. Let’s face it, we need this gadget to survive in the world today. As much as I hate worldy and luxurious things, I have to carry my cellphone with me all the time since I depend on it to inform my parents where I am. I’m not accusing them of being overprotective; they’ve always had me on a tight-loose leash. I appreciate their concern for even buying me a cellphone to use. At first, I thought I wouldn’t use it so much… and I didn’t. My first cellphone was just an old model passed on to me by my mother when she bought herself a new one. And when she bought another, that was passed onto me and so on…

Water, Food, Shelter, Fire, Clothing… man’s basic necessities in the olden days. Now we cannot deny that the cellphone has become a need to survive in today’s ever-changing world. I never thought that I could live without one… But I had to learn to live with it. A lot has changed. My father used to woo my mother at her residence, which meant travelling at such a distance [she was from Davao; he was from Cagayan!] just to see the woman of his dreams. My father even fondly recalls all the hassles he had to put up just to make contact with mother; in my mother’s case, this was also her problem. But still they managed to pull it off, without the help of technology. Now, people can just text their sentiments to their beloved and save them from the trouble of travelling miles just to tell them how they feel. And I admire my parents for accomplishing such a feat, making their relationship work with just good, old-fashioned Filipino courtship… Maybe that’s why some people have weak relationships, because of the lack of that thing called commitment.

“The Texting Capital of The World”. We are known all over as a nation that depends heavily on telecommunication services. And true enough, we do depend on it so much, that a large chunk of our GDP comes from such businesses. We have relied too much on the cellphone that we don’t see the negative effects it has on our society, the first of which is the over-reliance on such devices, which make people the slaves, not the masters of their handheld devices. While I admit that it has done a great job at connecting people together, I fear that it can also lead to people becoming distant from each other. They do send messages and they do connect people, but there will be nothing better than old-style heart to heart’s. The lack of it can destroy even the strongest of relationships. My parents have cellphones and they depend on them greatly, but they still make time for personal conversations in the family to keep the bonds strong. And it’s never been stronger.

My mother once forgot her cellphone at home- big mistake. We had a hard time trying to contact her, and to do so, she had to use her friend’s. Such a hassle, such a trouble of getting a simple decision. When she came home, exhausted, she exclaimed how difficult it was to live without a cellphone these days. And from then on, she never left her cellphone behind. Even I have to succumb to society’s cliche; I have a cellphone, as do many of my countrymen. I depend on it as my lifeline from home. I need it to be granted the permission to go out. I need it to keep up to date with my loved ones. I need it…

I’ve always thought that I’d never need to live with a cellphone. In truth, I really don’t need it, as long as I have legs to walk with, arms to use, a mouth to speak, and a mind to think. But I guess times have changed. Man’s basic necessities now includes a cellphone.

The cellphone has now become a symbol of man’s dependence on technology. I’d like to think of as a friend to help out. But I’d also like to think of it as a likely enemy if I’m not careful.

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