KSP… Kulang sa Pansin or Kulang sa Pagmamahal? The voice of the children has been shunned for so long. People have turned to the old for advice, but the children’s voices have been disregarded as petty gibberish. But children don’t know how to lie… We should listen to them.

In the eyes of the unjaded child, the world is full of love, of hope and of new opportunities. In the eyes of the weary generation, the world’s falling apart. I’ve met a lot of people in my life, and I’ve leaned a lot from their experiences, from their time-tested wisdom. My mistake, I listened too much to the wisdom of the ancient. I forgot to listen the wisdom of the young.

Many lessons can be learned from a child, the first being how they see the world. A child sees the world in an optimistic light, so inspiring, so hopeful. I’ve asked children what they want to be when they grow up. “A doctor!” a little girl cried out. “An engineer!” a chubby boy in a sando followed. “The President of the Philippines!” I even recall hearing. So full of raw potential, waiting to be polished and set in place. You can really know if a person is a child at heart, if s/he has the heart of a child. As I hear these dreams, these hopeful ambitions gushing out of their buoyant lips, I can’t help but wonder how they can be like this… The children don’t know the challenges they have to face on the way. They’re still inside the shell that protects them from the horrors of mankind. I’ve always seen naivety as a weakness that makes one vulnerable to heartache and pain. And I’ve tried to lose this naivety in me. And I can’t… I’m still naive, I’m still the gullible person people can trick and manipulate, I still think that the world can be better… I am still naive, hoping for better things, dreaming of better dreams, and living for a better life. I’m naive, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

I’ve also observed that children give unconditional love. How He can fit those big hearts into those little bodies is a mystery. Children have the biggest hearts in the world. I guess they have too much of it to share. So when people grow… Is this love exhausted? No. The children made me realize I still have that love, and I’ve got too much of it to share. We may grow up and take different paths, but we’ll still have this gigantic heart with us, ever-filled with love. I sometimes feel empty inside, as if something’s missing. A void. Then fill it with hope, with faith, and with love.

Innocence. This quality is commonly associated with children. And indeed, this quality stands out among all others, for with it comes humility, the root of all virtues. A child is humble, obedient and selfless… I wish I could be like that. I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes, hurt a lot of people, carried a lot of regrets… Can I still be like a child? I’ve lost myself in thinking many times. I’ve spent too much of my life in solitude, even when among good company. I’ve been hurt, I’ve had my share of tears, I’ve been hungry, I’ve been lost for so long… Can I still be like a child? I’ve done great things; I’ve done terrible things… Can I still be like a child?

He loves children. And no wonder He does.

KSP… Kulang sa Pansin or Kulang sa Pagmamahal?

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