Ebbing Tides

I met Kuya Rolly today, during our BOC (Beginner’s Orientation Course). He’s my classmate, but I call him “Kuya” out of respect. He’s the friendly sort of person who knows quite a lot about life. We had a great conversation together, arguing and agreeing at some points along the way. And can you believe it? We actually understand each other! Despite our varied reasoning and differences in logic, we still agreed and learned from each other in the end. Kuya Rolly’s a very wise man. and his knowledge on matters of life exceeds his years.

So what’s special about him? Why did I even bother to write this short anecdote of a man you don’t even know? Because he has made an impact on my life, for you see, Kuya Rolly has bone cancer. And for a man whose life is already set to pass, he’s a happy man. I didn’t even know that he was sick until I asked him. He replied those words without doubt nor remorse, because he’s already accepted his present condition. Although he struggled with his feelings, he has accepted his fate to die. But his story does not end here. He’s volunteered his life in service to the Church, to his last breath. “To make a difference.” he says.

I don’t know if I should feel sad or feel sympathy. But people like Kuya Rolly don’t need sympathy. They need to be understood and treated like normal people. Even though he’ll go first to God, we shall all follow in time. I still remember jokingly saying to him: “Kuya, when you reach the gates of Heaven, please tell God to bid me to His Kingdom, and greet my relatives there for me as well!”. And he replied with a simple yes. Such peace for a man doomed to die. When I asked him if he was afraid, he openly admitted his fear. But now, he’s ready to live his life to the last breath.

I can still remember when I watched the Passion of the Christ for the first time. I felt nothing but disgust and pity for Jesus’ terrible fate. Last Holy Week, I passed by it once again and decided to watch it. Seeing it for the second time made me feel guilty about myself and to a point, made me cry. And now I’m crying for someone I don’t even know. Why must the good die young? Why does evil flourish? Why do the innocent suffer? Why do the tyrants continue to prosper?

The light of the morning sun shines over all that is good and all that is evil, just as God’s grace is bestowed equally upon all out of His Love for us all. I wonder why God rewards the good with an early death, and the evil with wealth and material riches. Maybe He wants to free them earlier than the rest, to free them from the earthly world. Maybe He wants them to be with Him, and so He bids death to pick them up for Him. Maybe He wants to set an example. Maybe, through their lives, they can affect other lives. God works in mysterious ways…

“I still believe, though, that miracles still happen.”-Kuya Rolly

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