My Holy Grail

Ahhh… Summer’s already here. And it’s getting so boring day by day. To give my life a direction, I’ve set somes short-term goals for this summer that I hope will improve me by the start of the schoolyear:

1. Read at least 3 books.
2. Do 50 situps a day.
3. Do my worksheets.
4. Volunteer my talents as a catechist.
5. Learn how to cook extraordinarily.
6. Learn how to drive a car.
7. Learn how to play the guitar.
8. Learn how to sing well.
9. Practice eloquent public speaking.
10. Learn some trigonometry, world history, chemistry, and a bit of geometry?
11. Clean our house, do chores.
12. Make new friends.
13. Be closer to God.
14. Write articles on this blog.
15. Play basketball, soccer, play!
16. Get new slippers…
17. Draw some pictures/artwork.
18. Fix my torn, time-tested clothes.
19. Survive Holy Week.
20. …

I’ve got a lot more in mind, but I’ll just stick to these 20 goals. A lot more and I could overwhelm myself. As you can see, I generally want to be a better man when I return from my summer vacation. Summer isn’t all about parties, late-night gimiks, and gigs right? It’s also a chance for self-improvement, a chance to grow up. These are just short-term goals that I wish to accomplish. They are my stepping stones to a better life. Thinking about these goals fuels my passion to go on. It gives me a reason to fight, a reason to go on.

I learned how to set goals from my uncle, a very successful man. He set goals for himself, and consequences should he fail. And you know what? He did his very best in everything. He’s now a successful man, a promising entrepreneur, a happy father and a wizened lolo, a deep thinker [We get along pretty well, I don’t know why…], a great leader. And so I set goals from then on, to spur me on, to keep me on the edge. And you know what? Life’s never been more exciting.

So, I guess you’re wondering what’s my 20th goal. This is, perhaps the hardest one yet. I can, with the grace of God, accomplish 1-19, but I don’t know if I can stomach the 20th. What is it?

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