The Point of No Return

My younger brother graduated today. He didn’t receive high honors or anything [save a bronze for vocal solo contest!] but we’re proud of him just the same. Finally, he’s going to high school, just like I did 2 years ago.

Ahhh, it brings back such memories. I can still remember my graduation day, when I walked up and received that diploma. That was a fulfilling experience. Now, I have to face high school life. At first, I thought it would be difficult and arduous. And I was right. Everyday was a struggle for survival. Tests here and there, projects popping out like mushrooms on a rainy day, a student’s worst nightmare. I was overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t be? Longer periods, less time on breaks, it was stressing me out.

But then I discovered the cure for such stress. No, boycotting the educational system isn’t really my idea. It’s about having a support system, friends and family. Actually, it feels really good to have people fighting right beside you on the battlefield, or if not, give you artillery support from afar. It’s a battle, and we need as much help as we can muster.

I can still see the “shine” of my eyes when I first entered our high school building. A colossal structure, full of wisdom, tainted by time and tragedy. An epitome of excellence, of human endeavor. And I was going to study there! I can still remember the “shine” of my eyes back then, the innocence likened to a child as he takes his first steps forward. And as he breaks from the shell separating the ideal world from the real world, the good from the bad, he soon discovers life’s misery, despair, afflictions, horrors and plights. I can still remember when I went in. Like most of you, I was excited. Who wouldn’t be? A lot of experiences awaited me. But little did I know that these things would happen…

I won’t complain about my grades. I won’t complain about my problems anymore. Enough of the pity-fest. There are more people who deserve my empathy. But a lot has changed since I went in that building, since I undertook this new life, since I received that diploma, since I accepted these changes going on in my body… A lot has truly changed. My family, my friends, how I see life, how I see society… everything’s changed. And I thought things would stay the same. No, one cannot avoid change. My eyes have been jaded by my guilty conscience, by pain and by fire. Now I no longer see things as a child. I’m beginning to like the company of the opposite sex, something I thought would never happen to me. Hair [sorry ladies…] has begun to grow all over, and has been growing everywhere since. My voice, once a sheepish whimper, has become a deep, powerful and strong echo. I won’t go into morbid details[, there’s much to consider ladies.]

A lot of change. I met new people, I assumed my responsibilities as a son, as a citizen, as a man. It’s a heavy burden, yes. But it’s something I have to accept. I’ve past the point of no return. No more turning back. I can’t hide under my parent’s wings for so long. I can’t be dependent on them all my life. I have to go on. I have to push forward. And change shall be on my way. Problems, big and small shall be littered along its path. Either I face them or go around, or stumble, fall and rise. Either way, I’m still going forward. There’s no turning back.

I can see in the eyes of my brother’s and of his fellow students the fire that burned within me that day, that graduation day. The fire called hope. Their eyes, oh theirs were shining, like mine before. I can see the spirit blazing within. That very spirit that fuels my fiery passion. That very spirit that resists change. That very spirit that everyone possesses.

My brother, like most of his peers and like most of all the graduates around the world today, are very hopeful of the future. But they do not know the things in store for them. Neither do I. Neither do you. So what to do? Forward march!

Congratulations to my brother, Manchoi, and to all the graduates of school year 2005-2006!

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  1. ienjoy mo lang ang high school days mo! mabilis lang, i tell you, pero masaya.:)


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