A human being’s like a stick. If you bend it too much, it’ll snap. Much like us humans. We snap under too much stress and pressure. We lose control and as a result, we lose more than we know: our friends, our hopes, our families, our sanity… our life.

I admit, I can be an angry person at times. And anger does nothing but waste time and effort. It does nothing but harm, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually.

Physically, we age faster. It’s scientifically-proven. Anger does make us age faster. It creates these “beautician-hated” lines, scars, etc. [I don’t know these superficial things.]

Mentally, we blow our top and lose it. Incoherent, unintelligible words clutter in the mind. Ill will and angry thoughts obscure reason. We lose our ability to negotiate, to think. In my own experience, I never try to reason out with an angry person. Face it, it’ll only grow worse. The best thing to do is to just stand down and surrender. If one of you should accept, it should be you. Trust me, I’ve been there many times, and I’m sure you have been too.

Emotionally, we damage ourselves. Anxiety, frustration, along with a batch of hormones are dumped into our systems… in other words, complete chaos.

Socially, we lose more than we bargain for. We lose our supportive friends, our hard-earned trust from our families. Anger damages everything in its wake, even those we love. It is a double-edged sword that cuts friend and friend; brother and brother.

Spiritually, we ruin our relationship with God. Just like that.

I’m fascinated at this emotion, anger. How can it make us feel this way? How can it make us feel deprived and empty? How can it drive us to insult and violate the dignity of our neighbors? How can it cloud reason out and replace it with apathy, greed and violence? How can it drive enraged people to harm, even kill? Even though we know its ill effects, why are we still angry? Why am I still angry?

This Sunday’s Gospel talks about Jesus getting angry, when he drove the people defiling the Temple of God out. See, even God can be angry at times. But this anger was justifiable. His anger was justifiable. He was just doing His work. Human anger, on the other hand, is imperfect, just like we are imperfect.

Anger… it evokes images of pain, of suffering, of inhumanity. It suggests man’s imperfection and the evil within. Yet, we have been given the Free Will to act as we please. So act, don’t keep it in. Anger kept is evil sown.

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