No Classes

“DepEd suspends classes for elementary, high school and college levels in public and private schools in N.C.R.”

No Classes. Whoop-te-doo…

Behind every action there is a reason. You don’t just punch someone in the face if s/he didn’t do anything right? So it is with this suspension of classes. As we all know, classes are suspended in times of calamity, in times of civil unrest and in times of distress. When classes are suspended, most students, like me, jump for joy. Yay! No more classes! No tests! No boring lectures!

But now I realize how stupid I’ve been throughout the years. What was there to be happy about? People are dying as we chanted: “No classes!” Our country is experiencing difficult times as we speak. What is there to be happy about when you know that trouble is brewing in our country and that a single gunshot released could trigger a civil war? What is there to be happy about when people are going homeless, drowned, crushed and killed during times of calamity? There is nothing worth being joyful about. Nothing at all.

How selfish I have been. How stupid and how shallow! Have I stooped to the level of fools? Yes, I have sadly done so. I feel sorry for my country, for its citizens, its women and its children. I feel so useless… What can I do? When you come to think of it, man is weak and mortal. He’s not as powerful as he thinks he is. When you think of it, we are but specks of dust powerless against the hand of the Supreme Being.

Many people use these events for their own political and personal motives. Some people play the good guys to look good to the people. Some people get themselves involved for their causes. But I’ll just risk looking bad than not doing anything at all. So, here goes:

Please, pray for our country. Acknowledge our being human and our being powerless. Ask for Mercy from Him that He may grant the peace we yearn for. Pray for our country’s citizens, its leaders and its people. Pray for those who are suffering, dying, abused, homeless, impoverished and depressed. Pray for the children, that He may keep them safe from harm’s way. Pray for the world, pray for everyone. Pray that all may be saved.

In times I feel weak and useless, all I can do is pray… and feel useless. Oh, my country, what has happened to you? May God bless us all.

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