I tinhk tihs wulod be the wreidset bolg etnry I hvae to dtae but hree geos….

The hmaun mnid is turly vrey cmolpex. It can dceirsn ifonratoimn and apdat to sutaiiotns gvien the tmie and eengry. The mnid can fromluate aswners to smeenligy dfficilut pbromels bcaeuse we wree mdae to. The eovluiotn of mnankid, wtih the gcare of our Lord mdae us tihs way. In the cuosre of hmaun hstroiy, man apdpaetd to the sutiaiotns he fcead, and bucaese of tihs, we bcemae sngtroer, samtrer… wsier. God crateed us cmlpeote and rdaey for the cllahnges lfie has to oeffr. So dno’t tnihk God is at fualt for the pobrmels taht oervhwlem you tdaoy, bacuese He gvae all of us tsehe wlel-dvoepeled mdnis for a raseon, to slvoe the pborlmes we fcae, to apdat to the eyvready cllenahges of lfie, and of, cusore, to ejnoy lfie! If you can raed tihs and svole its cmloxpeity, tehn how mcuh mroe the pblemors of tdaoy and tmoomrw? So lte’s use tehse mdnis for tehy are our olny ture aiells in tihs fsa-pcead gnetaroin. Use taht biran!

Phew! It would seem hard to read (much more write!) this but it really isn’t. Just exert a little more effort and you can come up with the solution to this problem. The same applies to all the other hardships we face in life. If we just exerted a little more effort… a little more than the usual, the world would be a better place… don’t you think so too?

Anything is possible. Impossible is just a word close-minded people use to justify what they believe in. Impossible is just a feeling that holds us back from our dreams. Impossible is just a difficult situation, an ardous road that has an end. In every problem, there is a solution. You can either find that solution, or move on. Even if we fail, there’s always a time to move on, to forgive and forget, to leave and accept. That’s what I like about God. He gave us a brain to make our way out of the most complicated situations of our lives. And if that fails, He gave us time, family and friends to heal the wounds and recover from those experiences. And if all else fails, there’s Him waiting for us, always ready with open arms to lift us from our pains, open ears to listen to what we have to say, a gracious heart to forgive and a benevolent love to give. See, we have fallbacks for any situation! So do you still think that the problem is undefined?

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  1. I like the way you think, Jian. Keep posting :).


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