People only use 10% out of 100% of their total brain capacity. Imagine that! We’re working hard and we’re only exerting a little effort! What if we had the other 90%? What could we achieve? What could we discover? Imagine, if we were to use our intellect to its full potential, who knows what could happen?

The human mind is more advanced than anything on this planet. Inventions, weapons, megastructures… it all came from that chunk of meat in a person’s head. And for over a million years, we have only been able to unlock 10% of its full potential. And look at us now… we’ve come a long way since cave-dwelling and foraging for food… now we have these fancy modern conveniences and others, thanks to the innovation and ingenuity of the human mind.

What’s special about our brain is that it has the ability of making decisions, feeling emotions, adapting to situations and coordinating body functions among others. We aren’t aware of it, but we’re always thinking. Thinking about nothing is still thinking. Recalling that past memory is still thinking. Deciding what to choose when one is out shopping is still thinking. In fact, everything we do requires reason.

People have this notion that thought is happening only when one is making a decision or expressing his/her creativity. But that’s not what thinking is all about. Thinking does not necessarily have to be productive. It can be used for fun, for reflection and just for entertainment. People say thinking is too hard a task to accomplish, when in fact, it really isn’t. Let the mind go crazy, let the mind go wild! Send it to places never before seen. Imagine things at a different perspective. Find relationships/connections between the everyday things we see. Believe me, it’s fun to explore and unlock the hidden gold within all of us. Besides, it’s free. No red tape, no hassles, no need to pay…

I sometimes think that’s there’s nothing more to think about in this life. I sometimes think that we’ve already exhausted all of our thoughts; that the mind’s originality and ingenuity has already been lost in this age of computers, fastfoods and music revivals. But when you come to think of it, there are still a lot to be pondered on. We sometimes feel that there’s is nothing left worth thinking about because we close our minds (and hearts) to other possibilities. I admit, I was that person. But when you accept that you’re only human and humble yourself, you see new things, new things to think about. Then you’ll know how it feels like to be one of the many thinkers of our world.

Ponder. Reminisce. Contemplate. That piece of meat in your head needs exercise too, you know.

*Very Late Update (June 24, 2017) – as a physician, I am compelled to correct the misconception past me made claiming that we use 10% of our brains. We actually use 100% of our brains all the time. Active thinking is but one of the many functions of the brain, and other involuntary functions such as breathing, digestion, keeping your balance, all take up brainpower. 

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  1. I’m definitely learning! 😛


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