Work is inevitable- you have to do it sooner or later.

Work is something that has to be done whether one likes it or not. I’ve always thought of work as a burden and as an obstacle to my dreams, but looking back on those report, presentation and examination-filled days, I realized that work made me who I am today. Work keeps a person going and going, and in doing so, improves him/her little by little. Just imagine, if you wouldn’t work, what would happen to you? Such a boring life! There would be nothing to do, no goals to fulfill, no skills to master, no experiences to experience, nothing. Just like our emotions and our experiences, work is the "spice" that keeps life interesting and worth living.


I’m a workaholic. No doubt about that. I work to the wee hours of the morning. I even sacrifice quality time with my family just to work. I sacrifice time for myself and for my friends. And then I noticed that instead of improving, I was making a complete fool out of myself. My mother always teasingly says to me when she sees me working: "Ang bata-bata mo pa, marami ka nang problema!" which is true. Work is not what makes up life. Work is just there to give guidance and direction. Work is not life in general, and realizing this, I placed work at a lower rank in my life’s priorities. I’m no master of work, but I won’t let work be my master.

"Fight!" This is my motto concerning the challenges of life. This word is my battlecry against time-wasting, against idlenes and against carelessness. This is my inspiration, and with the grace of God, I believe that am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

So, redefining my philosophy, this is work: It is a friend to the diligent, an enemy to the indolent. It can put you to great heights if you will, it can put you to shame if you neglect. Work is every man’s responsibility for the realization of the greater good, for the benefit of all. Enjoy work, enjoy life!

I’m ready and willing. Are you?

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