The secret to happiness is good health.

A sound mind, an active body and a satisfied soul make up a healthy individual. When you have good health, everything else that is good follows: a good disposition, right decisions and good relationships with good people. You see, to live a sound and peaceful life, you have to start at the root. That “root” isn’t in reputation, relationships nor is it in acquiring knowledge… the root is in you. “Whatever you make of yourself you become…” So my mother says. I have taken this advice into my heart…

The value of good health is, unfortunately, taken for granted. While people are still young, they abuse their health, thinking that later on in life, they won’t need to be attached to life support systems. So they smoke, they drink and they make merry. But the body can only take so much until it says: “No more. Stop.” And later on, these are the same people we see fighting for their lives in ICU wards…

It’s a shame that we abuse our health. It’s a shame because eventhough we have the largest and most developed brains in the entire animal kingdom, those animals have better sense than us to take care of their own health. Such a pity on humankind… We use drugs to get instant slimming results. We patronize cosmetic surgery to improve our looks. We drink and smoke for our own pleasure… when in truth, these can be avoided through living a simple life.

I once heard this advice from a dying man and relative: “Value you health. While you are still young, pursue what is good and well for you body, mind and soul. Don’t follow what you know is bad for you. Take care of yourself…” He died months later.

So take heed to this maxim: “Health is GREATER than material wealth.” Good health is as precious as time, as important as wisdom and as valuable as life itself. Good health will give one a long and happy life, and we all know that life is too short. So learn to respect yourself. Respect yourself, and you will learn how to respect others. Become healthy, and you will live a long and prosperous life.

By the way, I plan to live to over a hundred. How about you?

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