The Golden Agers

“To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent that is to triumph over old age.” — Thomas B. Aldrich

It’s really fun to talk to old people. Why you may ask? The answer is try it. After a few war stories, you’ll come wanting for more.

My generation is really active, fast-paced and technology-oriented. So we “forget” to look back to those, how do we say it, “ancient” times. But I tell you, I found great wisdom talking to the old people. So before they return to He who created them, take advantage of their remaining time to talk to them. They’re really lonely people who have much to share to the youth of the world.

Boring? Lifeless? Bland? No! In truth, talking to the elderly people are just as exciting as talking to your best friend about the current affairs or whatever else you’re talking about. It’s fun to hear their past ways, on how they courted each other, how they survived the war, how they managed to rise back from the ashes… It’s like watching a movie, only better because this is a firsthand account of what really happened. Their experiences are priceless.

Everyday, some of these old folks pass away… It’s a shame if they lived for nothing. It’s a shame if their wisdom would go to waste. Why do we acquire knowledge and wisdom? To share to the world- and that’s what the old people are here for: To share what they know to us. They’re always there, and they don’t really have much to do. So why not talk to them? You’d be saving yourself the trouble if you do.

Politics, economics, philosophy, history, personal stories, culture and traditions and sometimes superstitions: All of these are but some of the things I learn from talking to those far wiser than I am. To tell you the truth, I really felt ashamed of labelling these wise men and women as “ancient”. I may know a lot about technology, science and sports, but the golden agers will always know more than what I do. They know how to take care of children, they know if it’s going to rain or not, they know when someone’s in trouble… these are but some “talents” they possess that can only be acquired through experience and growth. We may have all these fancy technological advancements, but in the end, the elderly are better off. So learn what they have to offer. Take what they have to give. And grow in what they have to say.

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