Words are very powerful, especially if used effectively. The proper choice of words creates peace while the wrong choice of words creates chaos. It’s how one uses them that matters. But words were never really created to hurt and destroy. Words were really meant to create and heal. So why do words sometimes hurt?

The art of communicating was developed a long time ago by our ancestors. At first, early man used clicks and other sounds of some sort to communicate with each other. This need for a language was brought about by the necessity of survival. Communication would either mean survival in its presence or extinction in its absence. Man needed words to survive. We needed it to live. From this we can see that words were originally meant for survival.

Later on, when man became more sophisticated; he invented weapons; he built megalithic structures and he advanced far from where he started. But the need for language was still there, only then it was not that much use anymore, as it was limited at that time. So man expanded his vocabulary and began to create words… and from that he created more words…. and more.

He then wrote for the very first time, a major achievement for mankind. Philosophy, religion, The Sciences and more emerged. Books and other works were written. Words were being used to advance mankind, to improve his life. From this we can see that words are used to create and improve.

Much later, in our present time, man still uses words in his everyday life. Talking to his wife, listening to the radio, reading a newspaper are but some activities in which he uses words. Then man became lax… too lax that he took words for granted. And so it began… words taken for granted were used unwisely. You see, words are combinations that express varying emotions and ideas. A good combination would result to a positive outcome. But a wrong and foolishly made combination would bring disaster.

For me, words have become hurtful and unpleasant because we choose them to be. It’s really a matter of choice. The term “S***”? It (the term) really comes from the Dutch schitjen and German scheissen. This term was originally neutral and used without any vulgar connotation. We have used words rather carelessly…

Curses, lies and insults… some of many things words can become. I’ve experienced these things even at times falling prey to using them… and I know that you have too. We cannot deny that even we sometimes slip and say some negative things about that other person. I’m guilty of that. Are you?

Encouragement, inspiration and hope… again, some of the many things words can become- of used wisely. Even the Bible says so: “Anxiety in a man’s heart depresses it, but a kindly word makes it glad” (Proverbs 12:25).

This time-tested maxim offers advice to us: “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” Words are not to be used for evil. It’s a God-given gift, and anything from God, God desires to be used for good.

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  1. Where do your thoughts come from?? 😉

    Keep it up, man. I enjoy your blog.

  2. jian5

     /  May 27, 2009

    Monty! From my noodles dude! Keep in touch!


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