Santa vs. Christ

Every Christmas, Jesus Christ ends up in second place, next to that pompous man in red, none other than Santa himself.

Isn’t Christmas becoming more and more like a commercial event rather than a spiritual one? Aren’t people more concerned on gifts rather than the reason why they are given?

This is a battle between two forces: Santa’s array of elves and his trusted reindeers against Christ and his angels. For me, this is how it goes:

Santa and his elves, skilled in marketing and business, advertise their services to the world. Meanwhile, Jesus and his angels have but faith in their disposal and a few good men to preach the Word. And the battle goes:

Santa successfully entices children to believe in him through men wearing fake suits in malls. Jesus returns fire with the Dawn Mass, where a considerable number came… but wait! These people are out in the streets… are in line at the food stall. “Oh well…They’ll come around.” Jesus thinks to Himself.

Santa, in his victory proceeds with his second plan: Plan Gift Giving Mania. He convinces the people that gift-giving is an enjoyable thing, and he even gives some as samples. The people are enticed, and the gift-giving mania started. People started to give just for the sake of it , and receiving not knowing why. Jesus returns this assault by sending the clergy to preach His Word, the Word of Salvation… but the people sleep at Mass and they don’t listen to the Homily; it is after all 4:00 in the morning.

Santa, being in the lead, pushes on with his third and final plan: Divide and Conquer. He attacks the weakness of men: their shallow and mundane mentality. He advertises Christmas on every imaginable product, be it cigarettes, liquor and toys. Finally, he delivers what he hopes to be his “Final Blow”: he delivers his gifts to the children of the world. Jesus Christ then hatches what he believes would be His Greatest Deed: He came to the world… born of a virgin… in a lowly manger… and after some time… He died on the cross…

He gave up His life.
He gave it wholeheartdly.
He gave it all.

Just for us. Now I can say that not even Santa’s gifts can compare to His sacrifice.

Our parish priest once said in the Mass: “Christmas is here not because of the Holiday Spirit but because of Christ… Do not say ‘Happy Holidays’ for it will only focus on the material things… It would be most proper to say ‘Merry Christmas’ because, obviously, Christ was born on that day… The beginning of our salvation.”

Christmas has become more material than spiritual. It has become a commercialized event, very far where it once used to be: a time of preparation, a time of joy for the birth of Jesus. But hey, we started it, so I believe we can end it. It’s up to us, this generation, to give back to Christ what has been due to Him years and years before: First place in our hearts.

I would like to wish everyone, my friends, my family, my country and the world…

A Merry CHRISTmas and A Happy NEW Year!

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  1. *sigh*


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