In Thailand, there are refugees of the Kayan tribe who are well-known not only in the country but also throughout the world. The reason for this is because the Kayan tribe, among others, practice the art of winding brass coils around their women’s necks to elongate them, thus the terms: “the long-necked women” or “the giraffe women”.

The women have worn these heavy brass coils for generations as a mark of beauty and tribal identity. These coils (that are permanently attached) weight up to 12 pounds and can stretch the women’s necks for as much as 10 to 12 inches. It hurts at first, the women say, but in time, you’ll get used to it…

People will do anything to be beautiful…

Throughout time, all over the world, the concept beauty is an undeniable fact. Though they vary in traditions, cultures and peoples, beauty is summarized as being the quality something/someone possesses (usually physical) that makes something/someone attractive.

People will do anything to be beautiful. Whether male or female, young or old, people will do just about anything to look and feel beautiful:

Cleopatra VII Philopator, the queen of Egypt from about 69 – 30 BC, was known to have bathed in the Nile for hours, sometimes experimenting on different kinds of herbs to make herself beautiful.

Michael Jackson, the singer-songwriter, has had multiple plastic surgery procedures to alter his appearance, the most prominent being the two rhinoplastic surgeries he had for his nose. His skin color was brown when he first started his career, but now he’s pale-white. His reason for this change in skin color is a skin disease known as vitiligo in which the body develops antibodies against its own melanin, a body pigment, resulting in light patches and an eventual loss of all pigment. And as a result, Jackson uses bleaching creams to “even out” his skin tone…

People will do anything to be beautiful. There’s plastic surgery, cosmetics, body alterations, piercings, tatoos, liposuctions, bariatric surgery… just to name a few.

People will do anything to be beautiful. They’ll do anything, even for a heavy price, just to be beautiful. Right now, there are animals being used as test specimens. Right now, natural resources are being exploited for raw materials. Right now, dangerous chemicals are being produced as ingredients for cosmetic products… that will eventually work their way into the sewage system… that will eventually make their way into the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world.

It’s a sad fact that the concept of true beauty is being misinterpreted for something that it shouldn’t be. I feel that vanity would be the most appropriate word to describe our concept of beauty today…

My mother has taught me well. She taught me why we fix ourselves up or why we have to appear well-groomed, neat and orderly. The reason for this, she says, is because it is a sign of respect not only for the people around you and yourself as well but it is also a sign of respect for the One who made you. But too much of this would be… vanity.

There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful. God made us this way. He made us ALL beautiful… perfect in our own way. But to alter what He has made (beautiful) is against nature… and against Him as well.

Beauty runs skin deep. It is beyond human reason to comprehend the beauty of even the worst of people. I guess God just wanted it to be that way. All I’ll ever know is, beauty is not in the looks nor in the thoughts of a person; it’s in a person’s heart that makes him/her beautiful in the Eyes of God.

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