Ode to the Sky… In Prose

When was the last time you looked up? I mean, up there, at that cloudy sky, up that starry night, up the Heavens above?

This is just me… But whenever I look up the sky, I imagine a lot of things. Whenever I look up that vast sky, I find peace… It’s strange how something so common as to looking at the sky would be the answer to the questions I ask.

For me, the sky is a great source of ideas. Whenever I gaze at the sky, I see faces, figures and shapes of all sizes. When I look at the sky, I suddenly get so many ideas coming out of nowhere. Whenever I look up there, I talk to myself about anything such as philosophy, principles, politics, religion… anything under the sun. Whenever I need to make a decision, I look up at the sky for inspiration. And most of the time, it really helps me .

I’m a fan of stargazing (Ummm…are you?). Whenever I am fortunate enough to have a clear night, I take out the telescope my parents gave me for my birthday and look up “at the Heavens”. I look up there in fascination and awe, like a child eager to learn something new. And I do learn something new each time I look up there.

Once, I saw the planet Venus, the planet Saturn, the planet Jupiter and the planet Mars, with a lot of patience, of course. Nothing can compare to seeing a planet firsthand than seeing it in print. I learned a lot of things then, patience being the most important. Before you try what I did, you must know that it is a painstaking task to get a planet in your sights (locate, point… and point… and point… and point… and see), especially for a beginner (like me). But it was a most rewarding experience, and I learned too…

I’m still learning how to locate the constellations though. Their purpose? Well, they are used in navigation and in telling the time. To give you a taste in this, let me teach you something about navigation. Note: SKIP IF TOO BORING

The brightest star (I’m not sure…)on the Northern Hemisphere is Polaris, the Northern star. When you see Polaris (the dude’s part of the handle of the Little Dipper) it means you are facing North. Simple right? But helpful nonetheless.

The sky is something taken for granted. We often, if not always, look at the ground, too preoccupied with the world’s problems to look at the sky. We often wonder where’s the solution to our problems… It’s up there. He’s up there.

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