Inner Peace


I think of many things when I’m in a traffic jam. And I believe that you have the same thoughts too. Whenever I’m in a traffic jam, I imagine I’m driving a tank that would crush those in my way. Morbid? Yes, but it’s just me and my impatient self. Whenever I’m in a traffic jam, I wish that cars would fly, I wish that the roads were fixed, I wish that there were flyovers here and there, I wish that subdivisions would open up their roads to decongest the crowded streets…

But then, I saw a little girl selling sampaguitas on the road, in the rain. Only one more and she can go home. But nobody would buy her last goods, for it was already wilted and unnatractive.

Isn’t it selfish for me to think about stupid things when there are better things that need to be thought?

I was just in our family car, complaining in my thoughts. I was just there, in that protected air-conditioned car. The little girl was out there, that polluted outside, in danger of being run over or even being abducted. I was in no position to complain. Whenever we are in a traffic jam, we think about these things, I know we do. Traffic jams teach me and remind me that I should be thankful for whatever I have.

The masses are truly admirable people. They don’t complain so much like us middle class people.

Shame on me…

I arrived late that day. But who cares? I don’t, and neither should you when you’re caught in a traffic jam. We can really learn more from suffering than from joy.

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