Right now, at this moment, someone is dying. But on the other side of the world, a mother is giving birth. But does everyone in this world care?

We live in world of ideals. Ideals of peace, of love, of hope, of utopia, of joy. But these are only ideals, meaning they exist only in our minds. Yes, these ideals are something to look forward to and hope for. But if we let these happy thoughts fill our minds too much, it becomes bad. If we constantly live in a life happiness, of parties, in the company of friends, we lose touch with reality. We forget that someone out there is suffering, that someone out there is dying, that someone out there is hungry, naked, cold, lonely, unhappy…

This is humanity’s greatest sin: Ignorance. It is a sin of omission, or the sin of not doing anything. But can we sin without doing anything? Let me tell you this story:

A hardworking laborer recieved his daily wages from his employer at the end of the day. He did not recieve a good pay, but it was enough to put food on the table. As he was going home, he saw a poor man begging for alms.

People just passed by though, ignoring the man’s pitiful condition. The laborer decided to give the man some money for him to buy food. The poor man was, of course, happy at what happened. He was so happy that he decided to help the first living thing he saw: A street dog. He fed the dog and cared for him.

That night, a fire broke out. But in the stillness of the night nobody noticed the fire save one- the dog the poor man helped. The dog barked loud and clear, until he woke up enough brave souls to fight the flames. And people were saved.

So, had the laborer not helped the poor man, would the poor man help the dog who saved lives? I doubt it would. Everything we do in this life affects many people. Everything we do, small as it is, greatly affects the world.

Ignorance is probably the most common sin taken for granted. But it is the sin that does the greatest harm.

I read this in the Bible. Would you like God Himself to say this to you? (Matthew 23:23) Check it out, you might learn something.

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