Hit the Bookz

Whenever I go to National Bookstore, I observe that people in line are carrying more school supplies than books. “Fewer and fewer people buy books these days…” I think to myself. But who can blame it? With all this technology around us, all this gadgetry and gizmos, all these hi-tech stuff… who needs books anyway?

Well, before I got a blog, this blog for my own, I would like to share to you my story…

Before we had a DSL connection, we used dial-up. Most of you can relate to me when I say that it’s like hell to connect to the Internet with it. It takes some time… those beeps… those noisy, incoherent sounds, and that sound that says the line’s busy. Darn it! I would think…

We had a hard time connecting to the Internet. Usually, we would redial about 50 times to get a connection… that only lasted for 5 seconds…

Life was particularly hard when doing research work… I couldn’t count on the Internet… So I did the next best thing…

I hit the books.

And the books have taught me well.

If there’s one thing you can get from a book that you can’t get from the Net is value. Values such as patience, perseverance, ingenuity, originality and resourcefulness. You can say that I did my researches retro-style… yeah, it was definitely old school. But still I managed to pass the paper on time… and with flying marks! My classmates just did what we students most normally do on research work: Copy and Paste style…

And that’s a story I shared with books…

The first time I read a book was exciting… My mother said that as soon as I learned how to read, I would read all day long, nonstop…and I was 4 by then…

My mother taught me my native tongue, my first and loved language: Filipino. The first book I read wasn’t a foreign one. I read the “Pagbasa” book; a book that teaches how to read…

Reading has bought me a long way.

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