People say I think too much… really?

Woah… and I thought I was just fussing around, throwing ideas to and fro. But is there such as thing as “thinking too much”?

In history, some people also thought too much… one of them was Karl Marx.

So, who is this Karl Marx? Well, he’s a German dude who was a famous philosopher, economist and revolutionary. He proposed social equality and justice. And because of this… Socialism (a.k.a. Communism) was born. And this came from a man who though too much… yikes!

I once heard this on a movie I have long forgotten: “Be careful what you wish for”. So can we also say “Be careful what you think of”?

Ahhh… the complexties of the human mind are so fascinating. Up to now, we ourselves cannot figure out the true nature and the true limitations of the mind. Why do I say so? Just look around you. You can see iron horses, towering structures, flying steel birds, and many more. How did they come about? Through the human mind.

The mind is both a gift and a curse. A gift it is when it is used for good. A curse it is when it is abused.

It’s quite scary… God gave us this much POWER. And still we yearn for more?!

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