I have a Muslim friend… Actually, he’s older than me, but that doesn’t matter. We talk about politics, science, and most especially… religion.

Through him, I have learned so much about Islam. For those who think that Muslims are terrorists, it’s about time to rethink your values and your morals. Please, remove any prejudice you have against our Muslim brothers…

Islam means “peace” or “submission” to God. It is not a religion of terrorists, killers, and black-hawk-down like mobs… It’s a religion of peace dedicated to peace for peace… just like ours.

In our conversations, I could not help but be fascinated about the parallelism of Islam to Christianity. In other words, what we believe in is the same as the Muslim’s… and we called them terrorists! Ha! What a fool we once were!

The Bible, our book, has the same accounts as that of the Quran’s. It contains the prophets, the teachings of God, the wars, the kings, the judges, the stories… In both books there’s Adam, Noah, Solomon, David, Jesus (as Isa in the Quran), Mary (as Mariam in the Quran) and so much more!

Like us, they believe in the Creation of the world (the Genesis story…), they believe that Christ existed (although they do not consider Him as God; only as a prophet), and they believe in the Great Tribulation, the Apocalypse. As you can see, there is not much difference among us. It is only our closed minds that make the problem…

This is just a geist of some of Islam’s teachings… If I were to write them all you would probably be bored and quit… So for now, be it this way…

It’s quite fascinating, actually. And it’s beneficial too… thanks to my Muslim friend, I have learned to become more open to the beliefs, to the opinions and ideas of others. I’m very lucky to have a friend who can teach me one of life’s greatest values: Brotherhood.

UPDATE, 7/11/09:

Click here to dispel ignorance and bigotry.

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  1. brotherhood! cnunganling! brotherhood!, eh kung ikaw nga ang sama-sama mo sa school! anong klaseng brotherhood yan?!?

  2. jian5

     /  July 11, 2009

    Hahaha, weh Andre!


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